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Purchasing Permits

Permits may be purchased online or at the Office of Parking and Transportation. Permits may be purchased annually, for a semester at a time, or on a daily basis, depending on a number of circumstances and the time of year. Prices change each year and are posted each year in July when the new annual year permits go on sale.

For in-person sales, drivers must bring their Hokie Passport and vehicle registration and are advised to fill out the registration form in advance to save time. Annual and semester permits will not be issued on the spot. Customers will receive a temporary 20 day parking permit to use, while waiting on their permit to arrive in the mail. 


This permit allows parking only on the right side of Duck Pond Road Resident Lot (also called the Cage, which is the fenced lot at the west end of Washington Street), and the resident section of the Stadium Lot (between Lane Stadium and Southgate Drive). Parking is not permitted in the Stadium Lot at specific times, including before home football and basketball games.

A few lots are restricted for faculty/staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week. These include the Owens and Dietrick Dining Hall Lots, 417 Clay St. (Old Cranwell Lot),  Pamplin, Hahn Hurst, the basketball practice facility, and basketball extension lot.

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