Patrons at the Moss Arts Center have a number of parking options both on and off campus.

Parking is available for a $5 fee in the North End Center Parking Garage on Turner Street during events.

Other nearby parking options on campus include the Architecture Annex, Lower Stanger, Squires, and Substation parking lots and on-street parking on Alumni Mall and other campus streets. Parking on campus is free after 5 p.m. and on weekends.

Off campus parking options include Church Street and Progress Street parking lots. Limited on-street parking is available as well.

There is limited accessible parking located just outside the building on both Turner Street and Alumni Mall.  Additional accessible parking is available in the North End Parking Garage and other campus lots.

Patrons can drop-off and pick-up guests directly at the center’s entrance, as well.

Commencement Parking

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Permit Refund Policy (Page 5)

Citation Refund Policy (Page 18)


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