Appeals Process

How to Submit an Appeal

All tickets must be paid in full before placed in appeals. Paying a ticket is not an admission of guilt. If after review the ticket is overturned, a refund will be mailed to the appellant.

After the ticket is paid, the citation can be appealed within 10 days of its issue date at the Office of Parking and Transportation or online.

Appeals can also be mailed to:

Parking and Transportation (0540)
505 Beamer Way
Blacksburg, VA 24061–0540

Our Ticket Adjudication Office does offer walk-in's during the following hours: 10 a.m.-12 noon, 1-2 p.m., and 4-5 p.m. 

Ensure the address and phone numbers included on the appeal are complete, accurate, and legible.

If an appeal is submitted after 10 days of the citation issue date, the appeal will not be accepted. Failure to appeal a citation within 10 days negates any right to further address the violation.

The Appeals Process

The Office of Parking and Transportation appeals hearing officer reviews all written appeals involving non- moving traffic violations. This is the first appeal.

Citations received for parking in fire lanes, on yellow lines or curbs, in roadways, handicap areas, handicap access areas, bus lanes, air intake lanes, or metered spaces will not be viewed favorably in the appeals process except in genuine emergency situations as determined by the Appeals Hearing Officer. The issue of an appeal is whether or not the cited rule was violated. It is no defense to “not mean” to violate a rule, to “see others” violate it, to “not realize” it was violated, or to have “violated it in the past without penalty.”     

Second Appeals

Individuals who disagree with the decision made on an appeal, may request that the Parking Appeals Hearing Committee review the decision.

This second appeal must be requested through the Office of Parking and Transportation within 10 business days of the postmark date on the first appeal.

The permit holder should submit appeals when a ticket is issued.

The Office of Parking and Transportation will schedule a hearing time on the next available date that the the Parking Appeals Hearing Committee is to meet. Individuals will be scheduled within a 30-minute block (i.e., 3:00, 3:30, 4:00, or 4:30) and will present their case on a first-come first-served basis within that 30-minute time period.

Individuals may appear in person before the committee or may have a written statement (usually the first appeal) read by the committee during the appeals hearing session. Witnesses, parents, spouses, family members, or attorneys may not be brought to the hearing.

The committee will greet the individual as the enter the courtroom. The Office of Parking and Transportation will provide a packet containing information and history of the case to each Parking Appeals Hearing Committee member. This may include the original citation, original appeal, signage notebook, permit notebook, maps, etc. Individuals will have approximately three minutes to state their case. The chair will monitor the time and answer any questions or direct them to the Office of Parking and Transportation representative. Parking Appeals Hearing Committee members may ask the individual questions as well.

After both sides have answered all questions, the individual will be asked to leave the room. The committee will discuss the case and will vote to reduce, uphold, or dismiss the citation. Individuals will be notified by mail in about a week of the Parking Appeals Hearing Committee ruling, and if warranted, issue a refund for reduced or dismissed citations.

This hearing is the final step in the appeal process and decisions of the Parking Appeals Hearing Committee are final.


Individuals who are unable to show up during the assigned 30-minute block have two business days to notify the Office of Parking and Transportation of their intent to continue with the appeal.

A second written appeal must be submitted within three business days (total maximum time to submit second written appeal is five business days). This second written appeal will be decided by the Parking Appeals Hearing Committee at the next hearing. No-shows will not be scheduled for a second hearing date to present their case.

After two business days pass from the scheduled hearing date, the citation is automatically upheld and the appeal is dismissed.

Individuals who fail to show up for the last Parking Appeals Hearing Committee meeting of the semester (either fall or spring), but submit a second written appeal, will have their case decided by the Parking Appeals Hearing Committee via an email vote in order to complete the case before the end of the semester.