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Directions to Parking Services

The main Virginia Tech campus is located in Blacksburg, Virginia, about 40 miles southwest of Roanoke, Virginia. Use 505 Beamer Way, Blacksburg, VA 24061 as a destination for online routing and mapping software and GPS devices. 

How Far is Virginia Tech From ...

Driving distances from regional metropolitan areas.*

Washington, D.C.: 4 hours
Richmond: 4 hours
Virginia Beach: 5.5 hours
Pittsburgh: 5.5 hours
Philadelphia: 5.5 hours
Charlotte: 3 hours
Raleigh: 4 hours
New York City: 9 hours
Atlanta: 6 hours
Nashville: 7 hours
Newark: 8 hours
Charleston, WV: 2.5 hours

* Approximate. Actual travel times may vary depending on traffic, road conditions, and weather.