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Towing and Booting Policy


Vehicles may be ticketed and/or towed at the owner’s expense whenever a  vehicle is illegally parked or under the following circumstances:

  1. When a vehicle is displaying a lost, stolen, or fraudulent Virginia Tech parking permit.
  2. When a vehicle is illegally parked in a ADA area, ADA access, or  fire lane (such towing is required by state law).
  3. When a vehicle is illegally parked, restricting traffic, or creating a traffic  hazard (i.e., roadways, curbs, bus lanes, etc).
  4. When $200 or more unpaid citations and late fees have accumulated.
  5. When vehicles are parked on designated emergency snow routes and parking  lots. For more details see the Emergency Snow Route section under Enforcement.
  6. When vehicles are parked in violation of an athletic event restriction.
  7. If the owner, when notified by the Office of Parking and Transportation or the Virginia Tech Police Department to move a vehicle, does not accomplish this move within the specified time.
  8. When a vehicle is parked illegally at a loading dock, air intake area, or bus lane.
  9. When a vehicle is parked in any manner deemed unsafe by parking enforcement officers and when in violation of signs or verbal orders given by parking enforcement or police officers.
  10. When a vehicle is considered by parking enforcement or police officers to be abandoned. (i.e., Not displaying a state license plate or state inspection sticker). It has also been considered abandoned when the vehicle has been parked on campus for more than 48 hours with no contact from the owner to Parking and Transportation or the Police Department).
  11. When a vehicle has been immobilized (boot) for more than 36 hours. 
  12. When a vehicle/owner has a balance more than 120 days past due.

In any of the above mentioned cases, the vehicle will be ticketed and towed at the responsible person’s expense. In cases involving outstanding fines or fees  owed to the Office of Parking and Transportation, the vehicle will be held by the towing service until such fees are paid

According to state law, if the tow truck is called and the vehicle owner arrives on the scene to move the vehicle, the tow order may be canceled, under the digression of the tow truck driver. If the truck has already left the towing company premises, the person responsible for the vehicle may still be required to pay towing costs before being permitted to move the vehicle. A citation for illegal parking will also be issued.

The Office of Parking and Transportation and the Virginia Tech Police Department are not responsible for damage resulting from towing or immobilization of vehicles.


If a vehicle is towed or immobilized, the owner or person responsible must report to the Office of Parking and Transportation or the Virginia Tech Police Department to make arrangements to recover the vehicle. Any fines, towing  costs, and/or booting costs must be paid before the towing company will release the vehicle. Proof of payment must be produced before the vehicle can be released or the boot removed.

Booting Policy

In an effort to discourage habitual offenders of the parking regulations at Virginia Tech, the Office of Parking and Transportation will place a wheel boot on vehicles associated with accounts that have received five or more tickets in any semester, or have one or more citations that are more than 120 days past due. Vehicle ticket totals will start at zero at the beginning of each new semester.  In addition, anyone displaying a reported lost or stolen permit can be booted in an effort to recover the permit.

The procedure for booting is as follows:

  • The fourth citation will contain a warning notice that in the event of the issuance of a 5th citation, the vehicle will be booted.
  • Upon issuance of a 5th ticket, and with each ticket thereafter, a boot will be placed on the vehicle. Tickets accompanying a wheel boot will contain a  booting information sheet explaining how to  get the boot removed.
  • A boot removal instruction sheet will be placed on the vehicle’s windshield  and a notification sticker on the driver’s side window glass stating: Your vehicle has been immobilized. Do not try to move your vehicle with the boot in place. Instructions on how to have the boot removed can be found with your ticket.

The procedure for boot removal is as follows:

  • The customer will need to pay all unpaid citations and a boot removal fee of $35. This fee must be paid at the Office of Parking and Transportation. Boo Fees cannot be paid online. 
  • Upon payment of the boot removal fee, the customer will need to notify the Office of Parking and Transportation who will dispatch an officer to the vehicle location. After verification of the payment of the boot removal fee, the boot will be removed.

If arrangements have not been made by the registered driver of the vehicle to remove the boot within 36 hours of placing the boot on the vehicle, the vehicle is subject to towing. The Office of Parking and Transportation may have the vehicle towed and impounded and the registered driver will be responsible for all fees incurred (including boot removal fee).

Abandoned Vehicles

Abandoned vehicles as defined in Section 46.2-1200 will be disposed of in accordance with Virginia state law section 46.2-1201. Any vehicle that does not have current license plates and/or has not moved in 48 hours will be presumed to be abandoned. See number 11 under the Towing Policy section and sections 46.2-1201 and 46.2-1200 of the Virginia State code.