Parking permits for the 2017-18 year are now on sale. Current permits for 2016-17 expire Aug. 12 (faculty/staff)/ Aug. 18 (students).

Permits can be purchased online or in person at the Office of Parking and Transportation, 605 Research Center Drive.  Please fill out the permit form prior to arrival. 2017-18 permits are valid from the time of purchase until Aug. 31, 2018. 

To purchase a parking permit online, you must have previously enrolled in 2-Factor Authentication and selected a “default device”. You can confirm that you have selected a “default device” by logging into and confirming that one of the numbers listed by “device” at the top of the screen has a check mark beside it. If you have not enrolled or need additional help with the 2-Factor Authentication process enrolled contact 4HELP at 540-231-4357.

Faculty and staff
Online purchases may be paid for with a Visa or Mastercard or though pre-tax payroll deduction. If you would like to pay via payroll deduction post-tax, please visit the office during normal business hours.

Employees with 30 years of service (or more) receive a free parking permit. The permit can be "purchased" using the online system and will not be charged. If you encounter an issue trying to do this, contact Parking and Transportation to verify that your employment status is correct in the system.

Payment is accepted via Visa or Mastercard online. Students who wish to purchase an Oak Lane or motorcycle permit must do so in person.