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Employee Parking

Faculty/Staff (F/S) permits are issued to salaried (full or part-time) and wage employees working for Virginia Tech. Graduate teaching assistants, graduate research assistants, and part-time salaried or wage employees who are students are not authorized to purchase an F/S permit.

This permit allows parking in any legal parking area on campus. This includes F/S, Commuter, Graduate, and Resident parking areas. Parking is not allowed in areas restricted by signs such as visitor spaces, service vehicle areas, carpool spaces, admissions areas, the right side of Squires Lot, etc.

If F/S status changes to student status before the expiration date on the permit, the F/S permit must be exchanged for a student permit within five working days. Failure to do so will result in a $175 unauthorized fine.

Employees with 30 years of service become eligible for a free F/S/ permit in their anniversary month. For more information, contact Human Resources at 540-231-9331.

Additional information around employee parking can be found below.

Faculty and salaried staff employees are required to show a valid F/S Hokie Passport when purchasing a permit in person. Faculty and staff must have legal ownership of a vehicle in order to register it for a permit. Proof of vehicle registration is required for an F/S Carpool permit. Full-time salaried employees are eligible to purchase a full-year F/S permit using payroll deduction if purchased prior to the set deadline.

Wage employees are required to show a valid Wage Hokie Passport. Wage employees are not eligible for payroll deduction. Wage employees are eligible to purchase a F/S Wage quarterly permit. Classified Faculty/Staff employees are not eligible to purchase wage permits.

Permits may be purchased online or in-person at Parking Services at 505 Beamer Way. Permits may be purchased annually, for a semester at a time, monthly, or on a daily basis depending on the number of circumstances and time of year. Prices change each year and are posted in July when the new annual permits go on sale.

For in-person sales, drivers must bring their Hokie Passport and vehicle registration and are advised to fill out the registration form in advance to save time. Annual and semester permits will not be issued on the spot. Customers will receive a temporary 20-day parking permit to use while waiting on their permit to arrive in the mail.

Faculty, staff, and students working on Virginia Tech campuses in Northern Virginia are also required to register their vehicles by purchasing a Virginia Tech parking permit. Registration forms are available through the Northern Virginia Center (NVC) coordinator. In addition, a proximity card issued by NVC Facilities is necessary to enter and exit the parking lot. NVC will issue a proximity card to new permit holders. Existing proximity cards can be renewed by contacting NVC Facilities after purchasing a parking permit by email or by calling 703-538-8440.

Employees on travel status can be reimbursed for parking while on the Blacksburg campus. To purchase a permit, please go online to or stop by the Parking Services office at 505 Beamer Way, Blacksburg, VA 24061.

Vehicles that display a valid Faculty/Staff Parking Permit may park in Faculty/Staff, commuter, graduate, and resident parking areas. Faculty/Staff with valid parking permits may also park in the Perry Street and North End Center parking garages. Parking is not allowed in areas restricted by signs, including but not limited to:  service vehicle areas, the right side of the Squires Lot, carpool spaces, TA spaces, and admission guest areas.

Faculty/Staff areas affected by move-In and move-Out are Washington Street, Kent Street, Owens Dining Hall Lot, Dietrick Dining Hall Lot, Engel Lot, Coliseum Lot, Basketball Practice Facility lot, and the south side of the Drillfield (War Memorial Gym area). Faculty/Staff are asked to find alternative parking in Litton Reaves Lot (Wallace/Litton Reaves), Stanger Lot, Prices Fork Lot/Perry Street Lot, Perry Street Parking Deck, and the Duck Pond lot beyond the golf course at the end of the Duck Pond. Faculty/Staff should watch for additional information on signs posted in parking lots and/or in campus publications.

Long-term parking is prohibited at loading docks, and other areas commonly used for loading. Thirty (30) minutes is the maximum time allowed for loading and unloading. A current Virginia Tech parking permit and prior authorization is required to use this service.

Authorization can be obtained by contacting Parking Services during regular business hours. When Parking Services is closed, authorization can be obtained from the Virginia Tech Police Department located at 330 Sterrett Drive. Individuals must have their license plate and permit number available.

Authorization is not available for Owens, Dietrick, Hahn Hurst Basketball Lot, or the Basketball Extension Lots or for Engel Lot after 4:30 p.m.

After the vehicle has been loaded or unloaded, it should be moved to a legal parking space. Vehicles in violation of this policy will be ticketed and/or towed at the owners' expense. The policy is enforced 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week.

Students, faculty, and staff who need to load/unload on a regular basis may have their department request a Temporary Departmental Loading Permit. A Virginia Tech parking permit must be displayed along with this permit. Request forms can be obtained from the Office of Parking and Transportation and should be filled out by the departmental liaison, supervisor, or course advisor.

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