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Departmental Purchases

Departmental Purchases

  • Departments may purchase trucks and cargo vans to serve official university business. Fleet form FS-1 must be completed and submitted to the Fleet Services Manager to gain authorization for the purchase prior to submitting a request for purchase.
  • Electric and gas utility vehicle purchases require the completion and submission of Fleet form FS-3 prior to submitting a request for purchase.
  • Once approved, submit the approved form, vendor quote, and needed attachments to Procurement via the HokieMart procurement system.
  • If a Fleet Services approval is not included with the request, Procurement will refer you to Fleet’s management for an approval.
  • Procurement personnel will review the request and make a determination if the purchase can be made on an existing contract, or how to proceed with the purchase. Procurement will forward final approval documents for the purchase. Please see Procurement for their specific procedures.
  • Vehicles acquired by any means other than the stated procurement process still must submit all paperwork to Fleet Services for processing registration, tags, and required fuel keys.

Vehicle Delivery and Acceptance

  • All vehicles are delivered by the vendor to the Fleet Services office located at 255 Sterrett Drive on the Virginia Tech campus.
  • The vendor/dealership should contact Fleet Services at 540-231-6141 to make arrangements for delivery; 24 hours notice is requested.
  • Departments are responsible to provide Fleet Services with a departmental contact and at least one alternate to ensure a representative from the purchasing department is present at delivery to inspect and accept the vehicle. **Fleet Services neither has nor assumes the authority to accept and complete delivery of vehicles purchased using another department’s funding**
  • Once the vehicle is signed for by the purchasing department, Fleet Services receives all paperwork associated with the vehicle and delivery. The vehicle remains at Fleet for processing.
  • After all paperwork is received, Fleet Services will process the vehicle registration with the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles within 72 business hours of receipt, and assign the state license plates.
  • Access to the university’s fuel pumps will be assigned and a fuel key issued.
  • The vehicle and department information will be entered into the Fleet system for reporting purposes.
  • Once the vehicle is registered and tagged, and fuel key assigned, the purchasing department will be notified the vehicle and associated paperwork is ready to be picked up from the Fleet Services office.
  • Purchasing department is responsible for contacting Risk Management, at 540-231-7439, to have the vehicle insured through the university.

Rental Rates

View Fleet Services’ current rental rates.