Campus Connect Bus

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The bus will depart from the National Capital Region at 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. to give passengers better connectivity to the Metro and better options for local parking and transportation.

Virginia Tech’s Campus Connect Bus provides employees, students, and their guests with safe and convenient transportation between the university's campuses in the Blacksburg/Roanoke and Ballston/Arlington areas.

The bus departs from/arrives in Blacksburg and the National Capital Region twice each weekday and once each weekend day and operates year-round, except on university holidays.

Each of the three Abbott Transportation buses in service are equipped with free Wi-Fi and have electrical outlets at each seat. The full size charter buses have seatbelts, reading lights, reclining seats, and a restroom. While the buses can accommodate up to 50 passengers, a maximum of 35 seats will be sold on each bus to ensure passengers are comfortable.



Tickets go on sale two weeks in advance of each trip’s scheduled departure and can be purchased online for business or personal use.

Students and employees (with a PID) are eligible to purchase tickets for $95 for any one-way trip. Payment can be made with a credit or debit card. Tickets may be purchased for guests; however, the student or employee must accompany the guests on the trip. Guests will be required to present a valid photo ID when boarding the bus.

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