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Bicycle Safety Advice

Biking at the Duck Pond

Safety Advice

  • Always wear a helmet.
  • Watch for people exiting vehicles.
  • Bicyclists riding in vehicular lanes are safest when acting as a driver of a vehicle.
  • Remember that most accidents occur at intersections.
  • Per state law, always signal to indicate a turn.
  • Per state law, alert pedestrians when passing from behind.


A sharrow is a shared lane marking that clarifies where in the travel lane people on bicycles should ride. Sharrows remind people on bicycles to avoid the door zone, which is the space needed for parked vehicles to open their doors. These markings also indicate to people in cars that the road is a preferred bicycle route, and they should be prepared to share the road with people on bicycles.

People may still bike on campus roads without sharrows.

How to use a Sharrow

  • People on bicycles may take the full lane.
  • People on bicycles should stay out of the door zone.
  • People in cars must share the road with people on bicycles.

Information on specific laws can be found here.