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Bicycle Parking

The Campus Bike Map is kept up to date with current bicycle parking locations.

  • Bicycles must be parked at bicycle racks except when permission has been granted to keep them inside a campus building.
  • Bicycles may be kept inside of residence hall rooms with the permission of the roommate. Bicycles may not be kept in other areas of residence halls.
  • A department head may grant permission for a bicycle to be kept in an office.
  • Bicycles may not be parked at any structure other than a bicycle parking rack.
  • Bicycles may not be left on the sidewalk, lawn, next to a building, in a parking space designed for a motor vehicle, or chained to a tree, post, parking meter, street light, banister, or other structure.
  • Bicycles chained to handicap access areas will be impounded.

Offical Impoundment Policy

All bicycles on the Blacksburg campus must be registered with Transportation Services. More information on registering a bicycle can be found here.

Bicyclists parking a non-registered bicycle on campus are subject to a $35 fine and impoundment or immobilization of the bicycle. All unregistered bicycles may be impounded or immobilized at the end of each academic year without prior notice. Impounded or immobilized bicycles may be retrieved after the owner presents proof of ownership to Transportation Services.