Bicycling in Blacksurg is easy and fun! There are numerous resources for cyclists in the area. You can even put you bicycle on a Blacksburg Transit, Radford Transit or Smart Way Bus!

Virginia Tech's bicycle center is located at the Hokie Bike Hub, a free, self-serivce workshop.

Virginia Tech Cycling Resources:

  • Bicycling Safety
  • Bicycle Registration
  • Campus Cycling Rules
  • Bicycle Parking
  • Campus Bicycle Map
  • Theft Prevention
  • Report an Abandoned Bicycle

Other Cycling Resources:

Bicycle Registration

Bicycle registration is free, easy, and required. Bicycles not registered may be fined or impounded. Bicycle registration is a theft deterrent, and owners are more easily notified of abandoned, lost, stolen, or found bicycles if the bike is registered.

Bikes can be registered with the Office of Parking and Transportation online. The serial number from the bike is needed to complete the registration form. The serial number is usually  located on the bottom of the bike frame.

Campus Bicycling Rules

  • Bicycling is allowed on all paved surfaces, grass, and other designated routes.
  • When operating on roadways, bicyclists must observe all rules applicable to moving vehicles.
  • Bicyclists must obey all traffic regulations; i.e., lights, stop signs, signals, etc.
  • When operating on shared–use pathways, bicyclists must yield to pedestrians.
  • Virginia state law requires a rear reflector and a headlight when riding at night.
  • Virginia state law prohibits the use of headphones or earphones in both ears when operating a bicycle.


A sharrow is a Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTC) approved shared lane marking that clarifies where, in that lane, people on bikes should ride. People may still bike on campus roads without sharrows. Sharrows remind people on bikes to avoid the door zone, which is the space needed for parked vehicles to open its doors. When sharrows are present, people on bikes should follow all vehicular laws.

How to use a Sharrow

  • People on bikes may take the full lane
  • People on bicycles should stay out of the door zone
  • People in cars must share the road

Safety Advice

  • Always wear a helmet.
  • Watch for people exiting vehicles.
  • Bicyclists riding on roadways are safest when acting as a driver of a vehicle.
  • Remember that most accidents occur at intersections.
  • Per state law, always signal to indicate a turn.
  • Per state law, alert pedestrians when passing from behind.

Bicycle Parking

  • Bicycles must be parked at bicycle racks except when permission has been granted to keep them inside a campus building.
  • Bicycles may be kept inside of residence hall rooms with the permission of the roommate. Bicycles may not be kept in other areas of residence halls.
  • A department head may grant permission for a bicycle to be kept in an office.
  • Bicycles may not be parked at any structure other than a bicycle parking rack.
  • Bicycles may not be left on the sidewalk, lawn, next to a building, in a parking space designed for a motor vehicle, or chained to a tree, post, parking meter, light post, banister, or other structure.
  • Bicycles chained to handicap access areas will be impounded.

Theft Prevention

  • When locking a bike, always secure both the frame and quick release wheel to the rack with a lock.
  • Invest in a lock that will provide adequate security in relation to the cost of the bicycle. A $2.00 chain lock on a $1,000 bike is not a wise investment.
  • All bicycles on–campus must be registered with the Office of Parking and Transportation.
  • Keep a record of the bicycle's serial number, make, model, and registration.

If a bicycle is stolen and recovered, or impounded, the owner must be able to provide the serial number or university registration information as proof of ownership.

Hokie Bike Hub

The Hokie Bike Hub serves as a bicycle maintenance and commuter education center. Learn more.

Bicycle Registration

All bicycles on-campus must be registered with the Office of Parking and Transportation.

Campus Bicycle Maps