Riders must follow all e-scooter campus regulations and safety reminders found below. The regulations for guiding e-scooter operations on campus were developed by a steering committee comprised of leaders from VTTI, Virginia Tech Police, Virginia Tech Operations, Virginia Tech Emergency Management, Parking and Transportation, Legal Counsel, and others. All scooter regulations on campus are subject to change. Please refer to University Policy 5005 for more information.

Rules of the Road:

  • Riders must abide by all rules and prompts put forward by Spin when signing up for the app;
  • As prompted by the Spin app, drivers must be at least 18 years old to sign up and ride;
  • Speed: Riders must abide by a speed limit of 12 MPH;
  • Hours: Scooters can only be ridden during daylight hours (between 7 a.m. and a half hour after dusk);
  • Follow the rules of the road: Riders must follow all rules of the road, including, but not limited to, yielding to pedestrians, following all traffic signals, stop signs, marked lanes, and the flow of traffic (do not drive against traffic, especially on one-way roads like Drillfield Drive and drive WITH bike traffic in bike lanes);
  • Yield to pedestrians. Riders of any vehicle (scooter, car, bicycle, skateboard) must yield to pedestrians at crosswalks;
  • Reckless riding: Riders who operate recklessly may be subject to citations;
  • Parking: Scooters must be parked within 5 feet of an on-campus bike rack or in a designated scooter parking area;

  • Parking in Corps of Cadets ceremonial areas on the Upper Quad, including the flag pole and "VT" formation areas, is prohibited;
  • Where you can ride: Scooters will be restricted to Virginia Tech Blacksburg campus limits which will be enforced through geofencing (if you ride outside of the approved areas, the scooter’s throttle will turn off and provide audible commands to redirect you back to an approved riding area to continue or end your ride); scooters cannot be ridden in the Town of Blacksburg; Scooters cannot be brought inside campus buildings or parking garages;
  • Drillfield: At this time, scooters cannot be ridden across the Drillfield. Riders should go around;
  • Athletic fields: E-scooter riders are prohibited from riding on Virginia Tech Atlethics fields;
  • Charging: Scooters cannot be brought inside campus buildings, including residence halls;
  • Charging of scooters, both Spin and commercial is prohibited;
  • BT: Scooters cannot be brought onto Blacksburg Transit (BT) buses nor stored on BT bus bike racks;
  • Dismounting: Riders should dismount completely in areas of heavy pedestrian traffic.
  • Storing: Scooters cannot be left unattended while the Spin account is in use (no storing);
  • Report the illegal parking of scooters: Within the Spin app, click the exclamation point icon at the bottom left side of the screen and select "Improper parking." Alternatively, you can contact Spin at support@spin.pm, 888-249-9698, or call Virginia Tech Parking and Transportation at 540–231–3200 (Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.); and
  • Report a scooter with no battery or damage: Within the Spin app, click the exclamation point icon at the bottom left side of the screen and select "Damaged vehicle" to report, or you can contact Spin at 888-249-9698 or support@spin.pm.

These guidelines are subject to change and continue to be finalized by the e-scooter steering committee.

View the scooter deployment map where scooters can be picked up and dropped off on campus here. Please note, locations are subject to change. Click here for the scooter campus limits map.

Important Scooter Safety Reminders:

  • First-time riders are strongly encouraged to watch the How to Spin Safe video;
  • Helmets should always be worn when riding scooters;
  • Do not bob and weave through traffic;
  • Don’t wear headphones, earbuds, or use cellphones while riding;
  • Only one rider can ride a scooter at a time;
  • Avoid slippery, wet surfaces;
  • Don’t ride scooters while under the influence of alcohol; and
  • Announce your presence when riding near pedestrians.

Scooters will be removed from campus in the evenings and in advance of high-traffic events, including move-in weekend, home football games, commencement, and during periods of inclement weather. Scooter access will be determined by the Virginia Tech Police Department chief and the associate vice president for safety and security.

Scooter safety infographic


  • General research inquiries: VTTI, 540-231-1500
  • Media inquiries involving research: Anne Deekens, VTTI
  • Media inquiries - Virginia Tech Operations: Alexa Briehl, Division of Operations
  • Spin media inquiries: Ariella Steinhorn, Spin
  • Operational, safety, and e-scooter inquiries: Virginia Tech Alternative Transportation Department, gettingaround@vt.edu, 540–231–2116 (Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.).