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Bike Share

In June 2021, the Roam New River Valley (Roam NRV) bike share program teamed up with Bolt to relaunch the region's existing bike share system with a fleet of new pedal-assist e-bikes. The bike share system features 75 e-bikes stationed at various hubs across Blacksburg, Christiansburg, and Montgomery County, and Virginia Tech. The fleet will grow to 150 bikes in the near future.

Pedal-assist e-bikes make bicycling a breeze! When you pedal the bike, a small motor engages to help you get up hills and around campus - without breaking a sweat. 

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How to use

  • Create an account using your phone number.
  • Enter your payment information.
  • Select the Pay-As-You-Go, Daily Ride Pass or Annual membership plan.
  • Scan the bike’s QR code with your phone.
  • Go for a ride.
  • Return the bike to any area hub. 
  • If running errands or making stops on the bike, do not park and leave the bike on sidewalks, ramps, roadways, or other areas traversed by pedestrians or cars. 
  • End your ride within the app.
Screenshot of Gotcha powered by Bolt app in the App Store.
Map of bike share stations on the Blacksburg campus within the Gotcha app.
Map of bike share hubs on the Blacksburg campus within the Gotcha powered by Bolt app.

Roam NRV Bike Share riders have a few options when it comes to memberships: 

  • Pay As You Go: $1 to unlock, $0.15 per minute.
  • Daily Ride Pass: $15 per day for unlimited rides and no unlock fee.

You can ride anywhere you like with a Roam NRV Bike Share e-bike, but there are some key areas to keep in mind while cruising around.

  • To avoid the $50 fee for locking up outside of the system area, you must end your trip within the green shaded area indicated on the mobile app.
  • To avoid the $5 fee for locking up outside a hub, you must lock the bike at one of the designated hub locations in the system area.
  • As a reminder, e-boost speeds are 15 mph on the Huckleberry Trail and 20 mph in all other areas.

Visit the Roam NRV website to find out more information, or contact the Alternative Transportation Department at 540-231-2116 or

Tips for safe riding

Be sure to bookmark these safety tips before heading out for your ride.

Before riding, give the bike a quick look to ensure there are no issues and adjust the seat height if needed.

Brake early, use gradual pressure, and avoid quick squeezes.

Automatic lights make you more visible and less likely to hit something.

Always wear a helmet.

Make sure everything is stowed properly in the bike's basket to avoid randomly flying objects.

Properly lock and unlock your bike to keep moving parts away from other moving parts.

Bike safety icons depicting safety reminders in text below them

Be vigilant and follow all local traffic laws.

Keep your eyes peeled for things like traffic cones, potholes, and pedestrians.