All bicycles on-campus must be registered with the Office of Parking and Transportation. Bicycle registration prevents theft and assists with the recovery of stolen bicycles. Failure to register a bicycle can result in fines or impoundment of the bicycle.

Registration is free and can be completed by submitting the form below or by submitting the Bicycle Registration form to the Office of Parking and Transportation.

After registering, bicyclists will receive a decal in the mail. These decals do not have an expiration, even if there is an expiration date on them. Once the decal is received, place it facing upward on the bicycle frame near the handlebars.


Complete all information. For Student and Faculty/Staff sections, fill out applicable fields.

Serial Number Locations

  1. Top bar

  2. Seat post mast

  3. Lower bar

  4. Hanger crank near the sprocket

  5. Rear forks (left or right)

  6. Rear stays (left or right)
Bike Serial Number Locations